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Setting for services

A person may recieve EIDBI services in office , center , clinic , community location ,or his or her home.

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Parent training

In their World offers training and counseling for Family or caregivers. Such as siblings, aunts, uncles, parents, grand-parents, elders or anyone in the child’s life, along with teachers and personal care assistants (PCA).

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Cordination with other services

EIDBI services do not replace educational/academic services, and may be provided during school hours or on school grounds.

EIDBI providers must coordinate with all education / academic services

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Intervention/Treatment plan

Comprehensive Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation(CMDE)

Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) Development and progress monitoring

Coordinated care Conference

Intervention-group and individual

Intervention observation and direction

Family or caregiver training and counseling

In Their World

In Their World is a provider through the Minnesota Department of Human services, under the Early Intensive developmental and Behavioral Intervention (EIDBI). The EIDBI benefit provides treatment for people with ASD and related conditions. Treatment is based on proven methods, and the values, culture and preferences of the person and family.


Welcome to Our Provider

Who can receive EIDBI Services?
To be eligible for EIDBI services, a person must:

Be under 21 years old

Have ASD or related conditions

Not need 24-hour medical supervision

Be enrolled in medical Assistance(MA) or Minnesota care

Have been determined eligible through a state medical evaluation.

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